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Enroll as a group and unlock tremendous savings. Plus, get access to additional material, including a launch kit, promotional graphics, and facilitator’s guide.  Each individual in your group will have direct access to the on-demand content and the individual certification assessment. 

Select a block of courses that meets your needs and works for your budget! 

Save over $300!

Block of 10

Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course


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Price per participant: $99

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Block of 25

Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course


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Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course


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 Customized Packages:

If your group includes over 50 individuals, or you're looking for customized training, consulting, speaking, or resource development tailored to your group's needs, fill out this interest form or email [email protected].

Each Block of Courses Includes

Facilitator Perks

Enjoy an easy set-up process!

  • Get an email with a Block of Access Codes to the Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Launch Kit
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Partner Success Rep for support

Participant Perks

Enjoy direct access to:

  • 8-session, on-demand course
  • Personal assessment needed for certification
  • Workbook
  • 8 Self-Aid Activities
  • Manual
  • Field Guide
  • 10+ Downloadable Protocols/ Tools


On-Demand Videos
20-30 minutes each

Course Materials

All-Inclusive Bundle
Includes a manual, workbook, field guide, and toolkit.

Course Length

8 Sessions
60-90 minutes per session

Flexible Format

Virtual / Hybrid / In-Person
Stream from any device at any time.


Course Type

On-Demand Course for Individuals or Facilitator-Led Groups
Features hands-on activities and roleplay.

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4 Ways to Learn, Together   

We recognize that different groups have different learning needs and preferences. Because of this we’ve designed the official Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course, so groups can train together in one of four ways:


In-Person Group

Training videos and workbook activities are completed together in weekly 90-minute in-person class meetings over 8 consecutive sessions

Live Virtual Group

Training videos and workbook activities are completed together in weekly 90-minute live virtual class meetings online over 8 session weeks

Hybrid Group

Training videos are completed on-demand individually and workbook activities are completed together in weekly 45-60 minute in-person or live virtual class meetings over 8 consecutive sessions

Collective Learning Option

Don’t have a facilitator? Don’t want to specify an exact time people must meet together? 

You buy a block of access codes to unlock the group rates and give access to individuals within your church, organization, or community. They can complete the on-demand course on their own.

While live interaction will deepen their learning experience, this format is ideal for networks who may be serving individuals across various time zones and geographic locations. 

Anyone Can Become a Spiritual First Aid Facilitator

You don’t have to be an expert. Spiritual First Aid Group Facilitators[1] are local champions who want to help others by bringing the Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course to their church, organization, or community. As a group facilitator, you’ll help make the Spiritual First Aid curriculum come to life for learners by encouraging group interactions, discussions, and exercises.

Don’t be intimidated about becoming a Spiritual First Aid Course Facilitator. We’ve already taken care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your group:

[1] Please note Spiritual First Aid Facilitators are required to use and follow the official group curriculum. Each participating group member is also expected to enroll in the Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course through spiritualfirstaid.org. Facilitator status does not qualify individuals to provide training on Spiritual First Aid outside of these guidelines or use our materials for commercial purposes. 

Video Teaching

Just show or stream the weekly training videos and follow along with the group workbook.


The group workbook will walk your members through the lessons from start to finish with: group conversation starters, notes, reflection and discussion questions, exercises, role-plays, personal study readings, and more.

Facilitator's Guide

The facilitator’s guide takes you step-by-step through how to run each session. From how to lead a discussion to tips for various formats (in-personal, digital, hybrid), we’ve made it easy to lead this course.

Launch Kit and Promotional Guide

This launch checklist outlines the planning, production, and promotion that will help you launch the course.  Follow the steps below to raise awareness and get others to join your group course. Includes email templates, social media graphics, and other promotion tools.

Launch Spiritual First Aid at Your Church

Here are just a few examples of how a local church might incorporate Spiritual First Aid into existing ministries: 

  • Volunteer training and onboarding
  • Small groups
  • Sunday school classes
  • Bible studies
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Prayer teams
  • Childcare teams
  • Health initiatives
  • Outreach activities
  • Team building
  • Staff care

Frequently Asked Questions