Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course

Gain the practical tools, framework, and skills you need to help people in your life and community who are hurting with this on-demand course.

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Biblically-Informed. Evidence-Informed. Trauma-Informed.

Spiritual First Aid is an 8-session certificate course that will equip you with practical tools for spiritual and emotional care, using a peer-to-peer helping model called BLESS CPR.

Flexible, On-Demand

Complete it on-demand on your own, or in a facilitator-led group.


Receive a manual, workbook, field guide, and 20+ downloadable tools.

Hands-On Learning

Build your confidence and gain practical helping skills through hands-on activities and role-play simulations. 

Grow Your Impact

Trauma Is Complex. Helping Doesn’t Have to Be.

There are people in your community who are hurting. But knowing how to respond to these needs is not always easy or obvious. Without the proper knowledge and skills to provide care, it is common for people to:

  • Not know what to say—or do—when someone is struggling.
  • Miss the signs of trauma or mistake everything for trauma.
  • Feel burned-out or struggle with compassion fatigue.

Spiritual First Aid takes the guesswork out of helping others with a range of needs, from everyday stress to emergency relief. Enroll in the Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course to learn how to identify and confidently respond to emotional and spiritual needs, including grief, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.

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This All-Inclusive Certificate Course Is Perfect for Individual or Group Use.

Its flexible format makes it easier than ever to learn Spiritual First Aid around your schedule. Complete this course 100% online with on-demand videos you can watch individually or participate in a facilitator-led group that meets in-person or virtually. Here’s what to expect:


On-Demand Videos: 20-30 minutes each.

Course Materials

All-Inclusive Bundle: Includes a manual, workbook, field guide, and toolkit.

Course Length

8 Sessions: 60-90 minutes per session.

Flexible Format

Virtual / Hybrid / In-Person: Stream from any device at any time.

Course Type

On-Demand Course for Individuals or Facilitator-Led Groups: Features hands-on activities and role play.


On-Demand Videos
20-30 minutes each

Course Materials

All-Inclusive Bundle
Includes a manual, workbook, field guide, and toolkit.

Course Length

8 Sessions
60-90 minutes per session

Flexible Format

Virtual / Hybrid / In-Person
Stream from any device at any time.


Course Type

On-Demand Course for Individuals or Facilitator-Led Groups
Features hands-on activities and roleplay.

Whether you are a volunteer, professional helper, leader, or someone concerned about a loved one, this course will take your helping skills to the next level.

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About Spiritual First Aid

Spiritual First Aid Takes The Guesswork Out of Helping

Spiritual First Aid is the first and only spiritual and emotional care program built from the ground up on both biblical wisdom and frontline research. 

We’ve translated more than 50 studies we’ve conducted over the last 15 years to develop easy-to-understand, trauma-informed best practices.

Spiritual First Aid will equip you to provide peer-to-peer support to those experiencing distress, whether it’s a neighbor, co-worker, friend, family member, child, adolescent, or someone in your community. 

Be Prepared with the BLESS CPR Framework 

 Similar to medical first aid which provides temporary help, Spiritual First Aid will train you to triage BLESS needs and provide rapid care for spiritual and emotional injuries.

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Earn a Certificate in Spiritual First Aid in Just 8 Sessions.

Most on-demand learners complete the entire course in about 8 hours and group learners in 12 hours. 

Session Overview:

  1. Spiritual First Aid Basics 
  2. BLESS Triage 
  3. Care with Practical Presence 
  4. Provide Coping Practices 
  5. Refer & Resource 
  6. Children & Adolescents 
  7. Self-Aid 
  8. Becoming a Trauma-Informed Church or Organization   
More Information

Course Overview

Grow Your Confidence Through Expert-Lead, Hands-On Training

To become trauma-informed, you need more than just advice—you need tools to help you apply key insights to your everyday life. That’s why this immersive course provides hands-on activities and practical tools that you can use right away. Whether you are a volunteer, ministry leader, or someone concerned about a loved one or neighbor, you’ll feel more prepared to help a range of needs.

Get Trained by Trauma Experts

Each video lesson is taught by trauma experts with on-the-ground experience. They cover the do’s and don’ts of spiritual and emotional care in an easy-to-understand way.

Hands-On Learning & Role Play

Apply key lessons to real-life scenarios. Research shows that role-play and hands-on activities equip you to understand and remember more information. 

Personal & Practical Tools

Go deeper with questionnaires, reflection questions, and application tools that help you apply key principles to your everyday life. From understanding your helper style to building a trauma-informed action plan, this course equips you with tools you can use right away.

Exclusive Resource Library

Get resources you’ll reference again and again. You’ll receive a downloadable workbook, step-by-step manual, a quick-reference field guide, and dozens of printable tools, at no extra cost.

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Here's what participants are saying:

"We train all our staff in Spiritual First Aid. We have seen many lives begin their healing and transformation due to this program."

— Justin Behrens, Keystone Mission

"The biblical wisdom offered in the Spiritual First Aid course gave me effective tools to humbly come alongside to assist individuals in their lowest moment in life."

— Bob Herman, Fort Wayne Rescue Mission

Master Small Actions That Make a Big Difference

Learn how to care well for any age group, including adults, adolescents, and children. This course will equip you with everything you need to support others going through everyday life challenges to life-altering crises, from mild stress to mass trauma.

Recognize Unmet Needs and Trauma

Identify pressing needs through observations, helpful questions, and safety protocols.

Reduce Distress

Provide comfort with practical presence and coping practices.

Refer and Resource 

Connect those you are helping with reliable tools, services, and organizations.

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Save Up to 40% When You Enroll as a Group

Anyone can facilitate a Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course. You don’t need to be an expert.  Facilitators simply stream each instructor-led video lesson and follow the free facilitator’s guide.

They also receive a launch kit, social media graphics, email templates, and tips on how to lead a group in a variety of formats, including live virtual groups, hybrid groups, and in-person groups.

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Meet the Instructors

“Everyone can help—but not all help is effective. Scripture and research offer valuable insights on caring. That’s why we created Spiritual First Aid.

Our vision for this easy-to-understand course is to equip you with the basics of what we’ve learned after 25+ years in ministry and after conducting over 50 research studies. We share our field-tested tools, real stories from the frontlines, and even our mistakes (so you can avoid them). 

No complicated jargon here—just the simple and practical tools you need to confidently help those around you.

We pray this course blesses you as you prepare to bless others."   

— Jamie Aten & Kent Annan, Co-Founders of Spiritual First Aid 

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